Bitcoin Conference 2014 Update

By | May 19, 2014

Bitcoin Technology: The Future of Digital Currencies


bitcoinconference1. What is Bitcoin?

armenische mУЄdchen kennenlernen Bitcoin is a new digital currency, founded in 2009, it is a peer-to-peer payment network which means no single institution controls the bitcoin network – no middle man & no central authority. It’s fast, it’s anonymous, it’s completely transparent and transaction fees are tiny.

site de rencontre saint-jerome site rencontre underground 2. Why is Bitcoin important to you?
More and more merchants are beginning to accept bitcoin as a payment – you can now buy hardware tools, webhosting services, hotel nights, sports wear and even pizza! The bitcoin revolution has already begun, if you don’t learn about this customer service transformation now, you will fall far behind your competition.

rencontre coquine sur facebook 3. Why should you attend Bitcoin Technology Summit?

best indian hookup apps The bitcoin market is constantly evolving, don’t miss out on your chance to hear from the movers and shakes in the industry on some of the key topics below: • The use of this as a payment and currency and examining the challenges and benefits that your firm can expect to see by becoming an early adopter
• The regulatory and reporting functions of this and what it could mean in the near future
• The monetization and alternate uses for the Bitcoin block-chain protocol and how your business can benefit

dotacinema matchmaking For more information regarding IQPC’s Bitcoin Technology: The Future of Digital Currency Summit contact us by email at

Why Attend Bitcoin Technology: The Future of Digital Currency Summit?

  • Gain an understanding of the crypto currency market and insights into the industry’s future
  • Learn how to accept bitcoin as a payment option at your firm
  • Identify how early adopters who mine, trade, and invest in bitcoin are providing a backbone for which a future industry will be built upon
  • Network and discuss ideas with other industry leaders and those involved in the bitcoin industry to gain valuable knowledge that can help produce actionable plans

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